Make Engagement, Retention & Persistence Campus-Wide Priorities Today!

“Administrators anticipate that students grappling with the financial and psychological impacts of the virus could choose to stay closer to home, go to less expensive schools, take a year off or not go to college at all. A higher education trade group has predicted a 15 percent drop in enrollment nationwide, amounting to a $23 billion revenue loss.”
The New York Times, 4/15/20

Students bring their struggles with them to your campus — from budget constraints to mental health concerns and more — and these daily life challenges can adversely affect their ability to pursue higher education through graduation.

Taking proactive steps to address student struggles before they transfer or drop out will give them a better chance at achieving their educational goals — and minimize the negative effect a low retention rate can have on your institution’s bottom line.

Plus, a high retention rate signals to prospective students that the living and learning environment at your institution will be conducive to their success and satisfaction.

Now more than ever student retention is critical. COVID-19 will continue to make pursuing a college degree challenging for many. Make retention a campus-wide priority now with 25 Campus Retention & Persistence Initiatives: Targeted Strategies to Engage & Empower Students Through Graduation. 

With the ready-made tools inside this 130+ page resource, you will be able to:

  • Reduce attrition to avoid losing tuition revenue
  • Build a campus-wide commitment to retention and persistence, both remotely and in-person
  • Help students forge deeper ties with your campus


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